Remote GFCI in Bathroom with Light

Home built in 1989-90. 1st floor 1/2 bath (for light, fan, and receptacle) on a shared GFCI breaker in main service panel in the basement with exterior receptacles. NO window in 1/2 bath. Master and Main are on their own GFCI receptacles and are OK. I don’t see anything in 210.8 that prohibits this 1/2 bath but I would like sitting in the dark if the GFCI breaker trips. Any suggestions?

I thought it was OK if the GFCI reset was in the same room as the light.

There is no requirement for the reset to be in the same room in the NEC. Also the light and fan do not need GFI protection.

This install sounds like it pre-date the changes to bathroom circuit requirements.