repair to asphalt singles

Good day:

Here is a quick question to the experts.

I have medium gray asphalt shingles that in one area have lost the gravel due to excessive water. The downspout from an upper roof section is draining right on the roof shingles. This has caused the shingles to appear black.

Is there any way to repair this or is replacement the only option?

Thank you in advance

Bill Marston :shock:

You can try to replace that one section, if at all possible. After that, extend the downspout down to the trough.

Like Brian said, if the granules are missing the shingles need replacing and the water needs redirecting to prevent premature wear.


I was hoping there would be a liquid coating that I could simply apply. The problem with replacing a 2 x 8 ft section is one of color match.

Bill Marston

How conspicuous is the area in question?

as long as the color is some what the same no one will really know the difference, and 200 dollars over 4000 is enough to make the color blend in quite well.
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You will never match the color unless the roof is deteriorated and there is a lot of shingle gravel located in the gutter systems. Collect the gravel, spray the roof with asphalt and cover with the shingle granules. I have never done this in large areas but have done this in very small repair areas.

If the roof is not a solid color, this process will work either as far as color match.

Thanks for this thought. I will try this on a small area and let you know how it worked out.

Good thoughts. Thanks to all

Usually repairs are always highly visible. Check to see if this may help. Then as Brian said, direct the downspout of the lower roof areas.

Just a quick peek between inspections… after the first one I had to come home and take a shower. it were a lovely dump… I mean house.

Thank you for this. I will purchase this product, apply it and let you know how it worked. I will take a before and after photo.

Appreciate your time.


Bill Marston