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InterNACHI does not moderate member posts on its message board.

Roy is not very bright and doesn’t have all that many words available at his disposal. He has to make due with whatever few tools he has.

You drew first blood again.
But, Brother I know you are trolling me…
You are a weasel!

Chuckie why are you still an applicant?

You are not my brother, don’t flatter yourself. You’re simply a dimwit.

Are you stalking me now?

No! You started it again with this statement…


Hence, It appears you are stalking me.

C’mon Roy. It can’t be news to you to hear that you’re considered addled and mentally challenged. If so, then certainly you’re the only one on the board that this is news to.

I’m sorry if my saying so hurt your feelings. I know that it’s not something you have any control over. But you could work on being a little bit less obnoxious, if that’s within your limited capacity to attempt, it would go a long way toward making you at least marginally tolerable.

No! I has taken me a long time to be such a ss.
I have a Phd in As sholeoloigy…:).
What is is you need to grow a pair .

It’s OK. It’s no surprise. I never thought you were capable of that, either.

We all must bear our burdens. My condolences to you.