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Posted by: Joe Tedesco
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Account Suspended Due to Excessive Complaints

This could be Raymond Wand playing games.

Check out the IP address and the IP address on Wand’s recent “Fake Names.”

Only you exalted moderators have that ability.

I am not one, remember?

Who approved the post Frank?

I approved the posts from Joe guys.

OK, why?

Why not? I have a short memory, remind me what happened to Joe.


**Account Suspended Due to Excessive Complaints **

OK Joe is done, I will not allow any more posts from him to get by moderation.

Here is what I approved:

  • Bump Post #1

  • I won! Post #2

I have no idea!

But… I am sure that their is a way to find out.

Ask Ian or Mario :stuck_out_tongue:

AS I POST THIS RESPONSE… “Non Members” who are on-line…
Jae Williams](
Joe Tedesco](
Jim Port](,
Mario Wanker Kyriacou[size=4], [/size]
Joe Volpe,


I did NOT see where he violated the COE!

Hey Mario,
Where did you get that middle name???:p:p:p

Send this to Chris / Nick and ask him to block Ray Wand’s “New Name”

AS I POST THIS RESPONSE… “Non Members” who are on-line…

Mario Wanker Kyriacou[size=4], [/size]

Is this what the Ethics Committee has been degraded to?

Isn’t there a housewife or a third grader somewhere who could better devote time to defending InterNACHI members from the thoughts and posts of ex members? Cripes.

All I see or ever saw was this…

SEnt to me by a friend! From Abernathy’s site?
… …

From f…k-face wand. He is one sick MF.

Read the thread Frank.

Use the page down button if needed.:roll:

Sorry… I am too busy! :wink:

And then we have valuable guest still having trouble posting.