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Post: egress in basements
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Posted by: ryoung7
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It’s time to get back on your meds Robert.

We’ve been through this with your psychotic episode for the last 3 or 4 years and it was always your failure to take your meds that made you paranoid.

Please get professional help ASAP.

Yup… looks like Robert Young just made Google with his unfounded and slanderous attacks against me!

I am monitoring all social media I participate in, and some that I don’t, including all other MB’s I post to, and others that I don’t, (but are industry related), and the SH*T is about to hit the proverbial fan for Robert Young of Montreal, Canada.

He knows not what he has done!

I highly recommend a well worded and heavily PUBLIC apology and retraction while you still have a chance.

This is the only warning you will receive prior to action being taken.

To anyone wondering why I posted the above here, and not send Robert a reply to his PM to me, the MB won’t let me!

I am Roberts side with this .He has been treated extremely badly by a few on the NACHI Forum .
These attacks are not needed and not wanted .
I do feel common sense should be followed by all.
These malicious attacks have gone on for years .
I do know some have stopped or slowed down posting because of a few who seem to love attacking some of the members** including attacking me .**
This forum is good but it could be a lot more friendly if these few stopped their malicious attacks.

**Made google Great **
[FONT=Calibri] [FONT=Verdana][size=2] 4oAw#newwindow=1&q=Robert+Young+Montreal+CA+%2B+Na]([/size][/FONT]

I am glad for NACHI when you and others **grow **up and act properly this just might go away.[/FONT]

A little fun is just that… however…
Is he actually spreading/broadcasting slanderous stuff on the net now?
I see recently blasted crap on various MB threads for no apparent reason than to incite trouble/fights.

The mentally ill shouldn’t be allowed access to the internet.