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Post: Review This Website
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Posted by: yuri orlov
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This is clearly “spam”.
Why don’t you file a “formal complaint” so that it can be removed?

Frank, as a moderator, you can simply go to the post and check the box in the upper right hand corner of the post and “unapprove it” at the bottom right of the page. :slight_smile:

I always wait for a “formal complaint” so I am not accused of being “heavy handed”.:wink:

PS: in this case…… I had filed a “formal complaint” as soon as I saw Steve’s post.

I was always under the impression that this MB thread section WAS the appropriate way to report a post! If not, then what is it’s purpose?

What are you referring to Frank? Got a link to whatever you are referring to?

I’m sorry for the confusion. You are correct….This section is the way to file a “formal complaint”. That being said….As a Moderator for this message board I ALWAYS receive an email from the complaining party that alerts me and I consider it a “formal complaint”. In this case {this particular complaint} I have yet to receive” an alert” but I took action on it anyway.

Here is an example of the types of emails/alerts that I receive;
sstanczyk ( ) has reported this post:
Re: Things you never knew about roof leaks
This is part of this thread: Things you never knew about roof leaks
This is the reason that the user gave: A whole SPAM thread.
A discussion thread has been created at
This message has been sent to all moderators of this forum, or all administrators if there are no moderators.
Please respond to this post as applicable.

After I receive this type of email I review the “reported post” to see if our members have a valid claim. If I decide that it is not valid I take no action.
If I decide that the “reported post” is in violation of the InterNachi message board rules/regulations I then process the claim.

With all the bickering, fighting, and personal attacks on this message board I try to stay out of the equation. Now and again something is so reprehensible and damaging to InterNachi as an association that I cannot keep quiet and “I file my own complaint”.

In all the times that I have “processed a claim” Nick has only overturned/overruled my decision once and only once.
Once again, I apologize for the confusion.

Thanks Frank.

To me, what you posted above looks like it may be generated by the Nachi system itself, when a member utilizes the yellow “Report Post” Icon button next to the offending post.