Reporting Aluminum Wiring

How are you reporting aluminum wiring in a residential home. I found aluminum wiring in this house. All accessible outlets had approved fixtures for aluminum wiring. I have attached a photo of panel box.



“Aluminum wiring noted at the general 120 volt connections, aluminum connections should be checked by a licesned electrician.”

Aluminum service cable and larger branch circuits (#8 and larger) like the one in the pic are NOT the same issue as smaller (#10 and smaller). They are perfectly safe AND legal, IF done properly.

I see copper at the 120v branch circuits.

The pic of the oxidized breaker terminal is due to no anti-oxidant being used. While not code required anti-ox is a necessary step in preventing connections from going bad.
This is the only issue I see here.

Stranded aluminum conductors are being used today, solid aluminum conductors should be called out and inspected by an electrician.