RESNET and BPI Training Course

I am in the process of developing a course that would offer the following:

53 hours of training that includes both
BPI Building Analyst Training
RESNET HERS Rater Training
Includes: A copy of Residential Energy and Saturn’s Field Auditor Book ($160) value
Both written exams ($160 value)
Training Manual
31 hours in the classroom
2 hours of test review
4 hours for the tests
16 hours of field exercises
Maximum of 10 participants so hands on is guaranteed
Course would be held in Texas cities starting with San Antonio
Course hours First week Mon - Fri 6pm - 9pm Sat 8am - 5pm
Second week Mon - Wed 6pm - 9pm
Thurs - RESNET Test 6pm- 9pm
Fri - BPI Test 6pm - 9pm
Sat - 8am - 5pm
Price - $1800 (Participant pays for BPI Field Test - $400)
Instructor - RESNET Certified Trainer/Rater, BPI (Awaiting), Licensed Texas Home Inspector since 1998

Would anybody be interested?

What is the outlook for employment in this field? How many RESNET/BPI auditors are there that are not working in the field? Has the Home Star legislation passed to fund this "Cash for Caulkers program? What is the initial investment for energy audit equipment required to perform energy audits? Will I get my ROI if I perform energy audits and do not do the energy upgrades? Isn’t this where the money is made, on the retrofits by the contractors?


Excellent questions - many of which I cannot answer! Home Star has not yet passed. I received my RESNET training ($1500) in Oct 2008 and bought a blower door and duct blaster for $4200. In Feb 2009 I bought an IR camera for $4000 for a total expenditure $9700 (rounded to $10000). 

 Here is what I have earned because of my training and purchases - 
      Energy Audits -  $13,500
      Energy Star Certifications (new construction) - $7500 (These are picking up)
      Texas Weatherization Instructor - $9000
  Total Earned since 1/1/09 in energy field - $30,000 (I always ensure every project nets me at least $100/hr. I have probably netted $1100/month since my training.

  I am semi-retired and do almost no marketing. My energy training has also helped me as a home inspector. I feel I am much better versed and can offer more accurate information to a home owner. I have found that many home inspectors do not have nearly the energy efficiency knowledge that they think they have. I know I had many misconceptions.

San Antonio passed a bill that requires new home construction to be Energy Star (requires a HERS Rater) or at least certified to be compliant with the 2009 IECC. I think more jurisdictions will require this in the future.

I’m interested, but not sold, mainly because I am unclear on the realistic expectations on return. Your experience sounds reasonable. Would you also give instruction on how to possibly generate business? I have tried some straight IR efficiency stuff and found response to be minimal in the Dallas area.

Couple thoughts on the course itself. What about half days but not necessarily at night (hard for some because of family obligations) Hate taking a whole week for a class, but being able to do one inspection and then 4 or 5 hours of class would be the best of both worlds. Seems as though you are trying to make it not take away a week of inspections. Would be hard to do 2 inspections and reports and make it to your class by 6 anyway.


Thanks for the input. I would have no problem with afternoon or morning classes. You are correct. I am trying to let guys/gals earn a living at the same time get new training.

I have been thinking about getting these certs for a while. Just unsure about training orgs. I saw SAC is offering something now, have you seen that? How does your training compare?


SAC is offering the RESNET Rater cert. It is also at night over a longer period. Do not know what it costs. I plan on offering bothe BPI and RESNET at the same time which very few trainers do. Still waiting for my curriculum to be approved by RESNET and BPI. I also will have a max of 10 in a class which gets you better hands-on training. Give me a call if you want to discuss it.


I am also toying with the idea of renting out my equipment if people do not want to spend the dollars on buying equipment.