Resnet-Hers Certification

I have been trying to look at the options of becoming an energy inspector to certify buildings for meeting the energy efficiency rating but it seems there is almost no way to become certified as an individual. It appears that you have to work under one of the companies offering the training to be able to work in this field. Can anyone shed a little light on the subject?

I am doing the same thing. Over in Minneapolis there are a dozen certified HERS raters but its not sold as a service as much as a value added to an existing service.

I’m thinking right now to maybe get the certification but I have my doubts as to making decent money with it. It seeems perfect as part of a larger package.

I have met a couple of HERS raters and they are making wages. Let me know if you find anything out.

Oh, cost of class, exam ect looks like about $2000 total to get your rating. At least at the school I checked.

Zero consumer demand (note I didn’t say “low” consumer demand, I said “zero.”) The only way anyone does them is if they are forced to by their local government.

Nick, you just confirmed what I was thinking. I did an inspection for a HERS rater and she was employed by a local utility and they paid for her rating/ classes.

On the other hand if you know how to do an EEM or energy efficient mortgage you have value to some lenders.


Thanks. I think you answered my question.

Duct testing is required on many new construction homes built according to the latest energy codes which some states and municipalities have adopted.

I have been looking into to too. I really want to do it.

But, like Nick said, it doesn’t appear the demand would make it worth the cost, at least for an individual.

Ian, I am started on thermal imaging, cost to cure (estimated repair or remodel costs) and EIFS testing certification along with septic testing. All require a certification if you want to charge separate for them but it can also take you from doing 2- $400 inspections in a day and if you can do that even to one address and maybe a $1000 or $1500 day for some clients.

All this is worth checking out and discussing. I would much rather be “the guy” because I can be a one call provider than be the average inspector, although I have no problem being a regular home inspector either.

People nowdays like to get as much as possible on one phone call.