Retrotec Blower Door

Energy Auditors

Retrotec Blower door [size=4][size=3]Cost $2,750.00 [/size][/size]

for sale $1,700.00 plus all shipping costs and insurance needed on shipping.
3 package equipment. comes with everything you need for a blower door testing for an energy audit…used only 3 times in 2 1/2 years.

for more information about this equipment go to

Send me an email if you are interested…prices have gone up since then and this was one of the Newest models that came out with Retrotec…highly technical and very well calibrated for accurate reading for your clients.

thnxs everyone…hope everyone is doing well out there…

DM-2A Automatic Micro-manometer

  • Automatically controls fans speed to achieve a desired pressure.
  • Displays results without a computer!
  • flow at any pressure, CFM50
  • air-changes / hour
  • leakage area, ELA
  • air-flow / area

2200 Automatic Calibrated Fan

  • Built-in computer controller for automatic speed control.

  • 7 calibrated flow ranges for leakage measurement of super tight to super leaky buildings.

  • Available in 110 and 240 Volts.

  • Strongest fan housing available.


Fan Flow (accuracy +/- 5%, +/- 3% with Retrotec software)CFMLiters/sm3/hMaximum Flow in Free Air6,3002,97310,705Maximum Flow at 50 Pascal test pressure5,6002,6439,514Minimum Flow on Range Configuration C1 at 10 Pa381865Dimensionsinchescminchescm****Fan height2666Fan Depth9.524.1Fan Inlet diameter2256Frame height51.5 to 95131 to 241Frame Case (included)53 × 10 x 4134 × 25 × 10Panel width29.5 to 41.575 to 105.4 Fan weight34 lb.15.4 kg.Fan Motor0.75 hp, 9.8 amps at 120 V
4.5 amps at 240 VoltsFrame weight with cloth14.2 lb.

That’s a good deal. Why are you selling this Aram? No demand for energy audits?

Hi Linas
Yes it is very very slow…not a call in almost a yr…thats why i closed my doors…I still get calls from a few inspectors to help them out with there clients…but it just doesnt pay my bills…it is really a shame all the schooling and the expenses, i went thru…and not even a hand full of realtors would even consider calling…they wanted cheap price…which they have and no experience inspectors…which they have handy…we needed help in our area…and Nachi didnt support us as we hope they would have…we fought hard with paperwork…talking to realtors signing paperwork getting a place reserved…took us 2 years for them to approve a class for us …and Nachi didn’t want to fulfill the meetings…so i gave up…when we need support…we should get it in every state that is membered with nachi…seems like TX and a few others get 100% attention from Nick…but not Missouri…why ?? but thats business for ya…take care Linas…and thank you for being a good friend to us all…talk to u soon and wishing you and everyone…major success…

Good luck in your future endeavors Aram.

Thank you Linas…i appreciate it very much sir…

Sorry to hear this Aram. You are right, FL, TX, CO and CA are the states that matter. The membership #'s are there. Good luck to you.

Autm -

I have been testifying in Missouri legislative hearings since 2002 against HI licensure, NOT because I fear licensing, etc BUT because I know that the little control we have of our own business - will be totally gone once the used house commissioned sales people get licensure pushed on us.

They stand and tell the legislators about the huge amount of problems with HI’s AND say they represent the VOICE of the home owners in our states - 100% BS AND we all know it BUT the legislators pretend their votes are not pre-paid and go along with the Realtors crap.

The commissioned used house sales people tell legislators that most HI’s are incompetent AND all the Realtors want is a knowlegeable, trained professional inspector to protect their homebuyers, etc, etc.

YET the competent, thorough, REALLY good inspectors HAVE NEVER been who the bulk of agents recommend NOR will they ever be the inspector of choice. The vast majority of agents go with the CHEAP guy OR the one that writes SOFTLY and don’t make waves … Take that to the Bank!

I bumped into a Realtor today, well she actually ran across the room just to talk to me. She said I just listed the so and so house and they have informed me that they repaired all the things you found wrong. While she was going on how excited she was to get that listing, I was thinking to myself that the only reason she is excited that I inspected the house is that she knows that the rest of the inspectors in my area will not find anything when they inspect the house. Years ago she admitted to me, in a roundabout way, that the reason why she does not refer me any more is because I am too thorough. Sad but true.
Oh also, the reason why Missouri does not have good membership numbers is NACHI won’t work Missouri. Again, sad but true.

Have you sold this yet?

The Blower door is SOLD…

To Dan Bowers

All we asked was for Nick to stand in front of the Realtors, that James and i fought hard to get…and Lisa from the main office…(james did most of the work) i supported his back…We had a signed letter from the STATE Realtors commision to allow us to speak and have the realtors receive CEU for there coming to this simple 3-4 hour class…this was goin to be a way to unbrain-wash realtors to hope to change there status on only caring about ASHI…Nick would have done an awesome job as what i have heard in the past…so our hopes were high…until the day we heard he didnt want to appear in Missouri for this day…Nick needs to understand, this will be a great loss to his creditability, to make people want to join a “large organization” that the Pres of this organization, doesnt even want o bother assisting his own group…

And by the way all the ASHI members that are just associates and NOT actual inspectors, are hired faster then anyone in this area…and does the public understand all this NO…do the realtors care…NOPE all they want is $$$$ this is where a LIC should come in affect…to all illegal, businesses that perform a job that will violate and damage or injure any persons…

There is a a Realtor who tells everyone that he is a Certified Mold Inspector…but all he is, is a Radon Certified ( James knows who Im speaking about)…it went so far that the home we inspected and did a mold inspection was in a high stage of MOLD…and he swears that what he did was correct …until i went to PROLAB and proved him wrong…BUT does anyone care NO…the realtors hired him because he’s a friend…and he gave MY client the green light to move in…guess what…we retested the home it was DOUBLE what the reading was when James and i where there…The new home owner is sueing the realtor and and so forth…will he win …God i hope so…the point is…THE FAKE PEOPLE HAVE TO STOP…Nick would have been changed minds like crazy…but i guess…he has his own people he would rather deal with then just a petty state like ours…and i hope he reads this, and becomes embarrassed Thanks for NOT helping YOUR team…and all the trouble we went thru…im sorry but my work is honest and very upfront…i been building homes for over 15 yrs…there is no lies around me…like it or not…thanks for your words guys…but James and i will do doing work when ever he needs me…but other then that…im back to being a Chef…and continue my Dads love in the Kitchen for 48 yrs…

Thank guys…ill keep in touch…

Thanks Drew…and your so right…Nick needs to wake up…and see there are more people involved with Nachi, then he thinks…

Checking to see if still available and if the DM 32 will work with this equipment…
Thanks Mike McAdams