Returned from Nashville Home Inspection to find this

I made a link on my web site (11:00am today) and asked Inter NACHI Thermal Home Inspectors to join in. I came home at 6:00 to find no response from any of the 79 NACHI members on line at the time. I did find my link request here on Google 7 hours later…

There is also an Okie Thermal Home Inspector attached!
He should be. He’s worth it.
I told you it didn’t matter if you were in TN or not.

We need to get “Thermal” associated with “Home Inspection”.

You can join in, or just suck dust.

We can use your help, but as you can see, I’ll hit page #1 Number 1 regardless. I’m not begging for your link, I’m offering it.

You can go back to your politics and anti-christ posts now…

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