RF and EMF inspector for South Florida

I am a realtor in Boca Raton and am looking for an inspector that can do RF inspections regarding the new FPL smartmeters. I have spoken to several people from other areas regarding them and have a customer looking at condos and we are trying to determine the impact of clustered meters for condos. If possible we would like to have someone come out to do readings before he submits a contract or during the inspection period. These are primarily 3-5 story condos, with meter rooms having clusters of 15-20 located anywhere from across the walkway to the condo entrance to, 3 floors down (where the condo is on the 3rd floor above the meter room) or a room that is several condos away from the entrance.

Thanks for your help.

Isabella Scott
Coldwell Banker
(I just registered so I don’t have any info on my profile yet, but if someone could post here, as well as call or email me I would appreciate it.)