Rinnai tankless roof terminations?

On my current inspection it is a new home. The termination(s) at the roof for the tankless water heater are two straight PVC pipes going straight up. I cannot find it written that terminations like this need to have a turn down snorkel or T to keep rain and foreign objects out, I only see diagrams showing them. Many of the installs I do see only have one of the vents having a turn down termination but I would think both should have. Anyone know the answer to this before I put it in the report. I have attached a photo of the terminations they are the two PVC pipes at the left of the photo.


Page 21 for the lazy

For the lazier than lazy, what’d you find out? :smiley:

Thanks Mr. Cook, that should do the trick and make the plumber come back to finish his job on this new house…he has to come back anyway to nock out the plug in the disposal where he attached the DW drain…I love giving New Homes their first Test Flight.