Rob Irion, President of AAA Construction School will be at the Melbourne meeting.

Don’t miss it!


Does Russel Know!!!

O Boy this is gonna be fun :shock:

With all these “experts” coming to the meeting to promote their own self interests how are we gonna learn anything?

Damn how many more people from the RUSS fan club you going to bring? There once was a kid I punched in 3rd grade, is he showing up too? Hell, I better not mention his name!

So that was you! :mrgreen:

Now that some funny stuff, I don’t care who you are…

Russel, I know you can handle yourself but if the the odds get too stacked against you your fellow inspector from Ft Myers has got your back ! :wink:

Thanks Fred. How much more stacked do you want? But if they think I am gonna run and hide, they got another thing coming. Ain’t gonna happen.

One thing they don’t see. But I am sure it will come to light.

Beer is good, God is great and people are crazy…

Beer is good, God is great and people are crazy…

***Thank God for Great Beer and Crazy People ***