roof deck attacthement Q

So I am looking at a home that was originally built with a shake roof over batten decking. The roof was replaced, new plywood sheathing installed over the original batten decking and re nailed with at least 6 inch pattern of 8 d nails.
So how does this affect the selection of the weakest form of attachment?

I would give it

C. Plywood/OSB roof sheathing with a minimum thickness of 7/16” attached to the roof truss/rafter (spaced a maximum of
24” o.c.) by 8d common nails spaced 6” along the edge and 6” in the field. -OR- Dimensional lumber/Tongue & Groove
decking with a minimum of 2 nails per board. -OR- Any system of screws, nails, adhesives, other deck fastening system or
truss/rafter spacing that has an equivalent mean uplift resistance of 182

Thanks John, that was the direction that I went. As usual we appreciate your thoughts and input.
sometimes you start to over think things. in this case it was due to 8 d nails that are attaching the plywood to the truss in between the battens would have 3/4 of an inch less nail into the truss. But the form really does not ask that question.