Roof Decking panels??

Can someone say why they’ve done these this way?
They are within a couple feet of the firewall between two units of a duplex townhome…




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Come on… speculate :mrgreen:

Mike, before I wildly guess, are this townhouses already finished or are they being built ?

A) The access to attic is just below that drywall piece.
B) Demo piece of Firewall between townhouses.
C) There is a condenser unit below it

Seriously, I don’t know, game on. :stuck_out_tongue:

Townhome closes Friday, no further work will be completed in the attic…

Nothing below these pieces but insulation and ceiling joists (a small storage platform, not directly below them)…

and the air handler is 10 feet farther from the firewall division between the two units…

I’m baffled as to their design or purpose…:shock:

Most rated walls, unless there is a parapet at least 18" above the roof plane are require 4’ rated separation from the adjacent unit required by code to be rated sheathing. They did not get their laps correct. I would be concerned with how and what they have atached the 5/8" sheet rock to and who designed the fix.

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My initial thought was the sheet rock was there to cover USB that they had used within four feet as well, but I can’t see behind it or how it’s attached due to the copious amounts of ‘stuff’ at the edges…:frowning:

If this is new construction I would ask for the AOR repair. As this is life safety and not structural. They can apply 5/8 gypsum to the underside of the non rated sheathing but some one has to design the attachment. it is usually an architect however it could be the Engineer of Record but I doubt it. Were the plans availible?

No plans available, but I could (maybe should) have looked at an adjacent unit.

The ‘attachment’ appears to be only the bulk adhesive (if that’s what it is)…

Below is what I have in the report now…
I’ll entertain other suggestions…

“This appears to be gypsum board (sheet rock) installed to correct (or cover up) an incorrect lap in the fire block sheathing required near a shared wall. Request a licensed roofing contractor familiar with multi family dwellings inspect and evaluate the suitability of these repairs.”

Some Architects and even some sheet rock manufacturers will allow the applied sheetrock to be coated with a slurry of mud on the adhered side and call it O.K. I don’t know where your liability is in this situation but I would at least note that " It is appearant that the required 4’ rated separation at the roof plane may have been comprimised by the installation of unapproved material used on the roof deck. However some type of sheet rock has been installed on the under side of the roof sheathing in order to meet tenant separation requirements. Could not verify type of sheet rock used or proper fastening per any approved detail of the AOR / EOR for this type of repair.

If you want to cover your butt further recomend having further research done to provide evidence that the issue was addressed to the responsible Design Professional and that the repair was installed and inspected per his/ her design and / or direction.

This is a good addtition, thanks…

Roofing contractors are not the people to ask anything of other than the installation of roofing material and or flashing. Any thing that has to do with abnormalities in normal construction should always be addressed to the AOR / EOR, Architect / Engineer of Record. Roofers can’t and as a rule do not install sheathing. It is not within the scope of work they can do under their licensure. Sheathing is usually installed and / or subcontracted out by the Framer.

I changed from roofing contractor to engineer (or equivalent design professional) responsible for the repaired area.

She’ll call and I’ll have to explain, but it should be doable without being too ‘technical jargon’ specific…

10/4 Mike and good luck. FYI I am a Licensed Building inspector and am at your service. I am not proud or arrogant and do not know every thing. But if I may be of assistance don’t hesitate to ask. If I do not know the answer or know where to find it I will certainly be able to direct you to the person / people who can answer your question. I in turn am completely ignorant to te HI field and I from time to time will be requesting direction in certain areas and I hope that you would not hesitate to offer your expertise.

You were very helpful Fred…

And Thanks for being available, it’s what makes this such a great board (and NACHI a great association) :smiley:

Does not look like a firewall Parapet.

Could this be patching for a mistake in decking/roofing installation. Maybe the original design had a skylight shaft to a room below, prefab fireplace flue shaft to a room below…something that may have been changed by developer/architect/municipal inspector/etc. The patch is unusual, and may be hiding unusual/inadequate decking repair.
Just spiffballing, as you requested. Asking more questions of different people may get you answers you’re looking for.


That’s a plywood patch in the roof with the patch held in place by the only material they had in the truck… a chunk of drywall.
Now if there’s one thing I can’t stand, it’s when ants come in through the roof patch, so you pookey it all up to prevent ant intrusion.

Not ants? Air infiltration?