Roofing Against a Wall

It is my understanding that L flashing be installed behind the siding and then shingles placed over it using an adhesive. Not nailing it and having exposed nails. I see this a lot.

it is a common practice here. I write it up as defective every time and it gets repaired about half the time. Most use roofing compound over the nails. It becomes a maintenance issue but what can you do.

I also see a lot of ridge caps with exposed nails that aren’t sealed.

They should be, so should the ones in your photo.

Chris, are you saying they should be sealed or they should be exposed?

The nails shouldn’t be exposed at all, but when they are they should be sealed with silicone roofing cement.

Beside being exposed, the nails in your photo are not installed in the correct place of shingle(s).

Okay, that’s what I thought you meant. I see this on about 50% of the roofs I inspect. This was the original roof so I wonder if the builders just don’t know what they are doing.

I really dont think its a problem, however it is technically incorrect and gets called out as such. Builders actually call these shingles “ornamental” as they merely cover the flashings. I have never seen a leak around a nail that penetrates 3 shingles. FWIW