I am new to the business and I don’t want to be a lowballer, but I’m not sure how to come up with my prices. Any suggestions?

Look up prices of competition then charge more by letting the client know you do more.
Start by filling that new site with reasons you will do a great job.

Take some flyers to local real estate offices - introduce yourself and let them know that you are a home inspector and that you would like to place your fliers on the flyer display shelf and while your back there, pick up a few brochures from your competitors. This works sometimes; not all front offices will let you go back their. Try the small indepedant offices. Call local HI’s in your area and give them the spill that you are buying a house and want it inspected and ask for prices. You have got to Be creative in todays tough market.

Yea…Dont lowball me…Is that good enough…HAHA. Call me if your in my area and I would be glad to help you out.

Thanks for your all the info. I went yesterday to a local real estate and I saw some prices. Thanks again.