S- Drain Pipe

Would anyone write this up ? I call this an S-Trap

W2ndNorth-Independance 096.JPG

W2ndNorth-Independance 097.JPG

Yes its an. S. Trap. If Top curve was longer in length then it would be ok but its not. Also another fix is if you put an AAV at the top curve when it makes final downward turn. The AAV breaks the vacuum. I have foto of what i mean. I will post em later when at home

I got this from another member a while back.

P trap conversion.JPG

Like this one

Thank you

Here is the AAV in use as I stated in earlier post , always nice to get the AAV up high but this will be ok


Not OK here .
Mechanical failure possible and a report write up.

Has anyone documented these “failures”?

I have had siphoning issues even w/o an “S Trap” configuration. But I have tested many with Thermal Imaging and have yet been able to get one to fail so I could document it.