Sales of new homes up 6.6% in September.

Sales of new homes climbed 6.6% in September 2010, figures released by the federal government showed, representing the second straight month of gains.

Great news.

The negative trends seem to be reversing themselves.
I had lunch with a few folks last week from banking and real estate and invited them to look around the table and remember the names and faces…for those of us who were good enough and strong enough to continue through this tough period are, indeed, those who can be most counted on during the better days ahead.

Anyone can do well when the industry is booming.

I guess you can consider it short-sighted optimism especially when the past five months have been the worst for new home sales on records dating back to 1963.


I actually think percentage fixation effects lots of things but not as much number of inspections.
If averaged out and correlated to number of clients how much in fees are gained or lost to a average inspector based on the 6.6% ?
Seems that amount of jobs can be made up for in better marketing or expansion in services.