Save a life this winter....

if you know of anyone who doesn’t have safe heating for their house, help them out. If you can, fix their furnace or pay for the repair, if they have one of those stand alone kerosene heaters, go buy one of the oil filled radiant heaters and trade them for the kerosene heater and then destroy it. Buy someone a smoke alarm, Carbon Monoxide detector and a Fire Extinguisher. If they have a Fireplace/Woodstove, inspect it free for them, and buy them a chord or two of firewood. Go to a poor area and do a free inspection for someone who is underprivedged, old or has a lot of kids, help them get rid of all those extension chords behind the bed that are overloaded, install an AFCI breaker for them if you know how, or partner up with an electrician, you buy the parts, he supplies the labor. Get together with your local Fire department and plan some way to help the poor. Don’t wait until it’s too late, and read about some tragedy in the paper. It feels real good inside to know you helped someone. Please just help somebody in your community, we can make a difference. Thanks, Ken

You are the man.

I went on an fire call a day or two ago, and while there, I ‘lectured’ the home owner about the lack of smoke detectors and a closet door(ofcouse no weather seals) separating the garage from the home. Don’t get me on the attic had no door and was in the garage also. Althougth we can criticise, he will be receiving a brochure and letter about The Helpful Neighbor Program. We aim to help our neighbors and keep our neighborhood safe.

“We all can’t afford a pound of cure, but together, we can afford an ounce of prevention.”


Good for you Thomas