SC inspectors please read

Without going into detail I think I need to make everyone aware that it appears that SC does not enforce or acknowledge the SC SOP anymore but still sends it out to new inspectors.

I was told by someone in Columbia at the LLR that they can only enforce the actual laws concerning licensing. Here is all I can find in the actual law that resembles a SOP, they call it a commission approved form. I verbally requested one to see if they would just send the SOP but I have not received anything.

From SC law:
SECTION 40‑59‑560. Inspection reports; form; disclosure of scope and limitations.

(A) An inspection report issued by a licensed home inspector under this chapter must be on a form approved by the commission. For purposes of this section, a form that contains the same information as the commission‑approved form is considered to have met the requirements of this section.
(B) Nothing in this section may require a home inspector to inspect every item contained in the commission‑approved form, and nothing in this section may limit a home inspector from performing a home inspection beyond the scope of information contained in the commission‑approved form. A home inspector shall indicate on the inspection report which items, if any, were not inspected.
© A home inspector shall disclose the scope and limitations, if any, of each inspection before performing a home inspection.

Note that the only place you can find the SC SOP on the LLR website is with the new inspector application starting on page 7 at

It does not have any statute numbers on the SOP and it is called a guideline.

Can some of you call and enquire about this? I can’t seem to get anywhere with it and I am usually good at this sort of thing.