Scoping a septic tank and leech field

For those of you that perform sewer scopes, have you ever scoped (or do you) a septic tank and the leech field?


Septic companies open the lid to the tank, pump, and then visually inspect the tank. Then they’ll locate and open the distribution box.

No scoping is performed.

We do scope the main drain line from the house to the septic tank, but we stop at the inlet to the tank. I have accidentally sent my camera into the tank but because it’s full of water (and other things) there’s zero visibility.



@jkaufman , For WA, this is also covered by a state mandated separate inspection is septic is present. I limit it to public sewers only as the mandated inspection will cover anything on the septic side.

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In my experience most septic companies do not scope the main drain line from the house to the tank though (we go to WA as well). I’ve seen some that do, but they seem rare.

Have you seen or heard otherwise?

I don’t think anybody in Alaska does this. That is why I want to do it. Poop doesn’t scare me.

I highly recommend it man. My average time spent is 15-20 minutes, and I’m guessing you could charge more than us because there’s fewer people offering the service. In more rural parts of our state I’ve seen people charge 250-300$

And we find countless numbers of issues.

You’ll pay the equipment off in no time.

There’s a few plumbing companies that scope. Not sure about septic companies but no inspectors do. The plumbing companies are charging like $350+hr for scoping.

I have never been asked to scope a sewer line. At $350 for 20 minutes I would consider it.

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There’s good money in poop. :poop: = :dollar:

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The machine will definitely pay for itself in a few months. It is always an easy add on service while in the field, but if you send an email out to the main 30-40 agents that use you…Tell them the first one they do will be discounted…They will realize the peace of mind it brings to a client. and it is a bit of a quick shot for some money. Pulling a toilet sucks when you have to, but charge for that and re-set it right (Caulked, shimmed & level).

I remember when a home inspection crew in St Pete wore a shirt & tie to inspections. :cry: