We are a 40,000+ inspections, 20 year multi inspector firm doing business in San Diego and South Riverside County. We are looking to move an experienced home inspector into an equity position with our company. This is not merely a token equity position but an offer to attain a 33%+ interest over a mutually agreed but relatively short time frame, dependent upon what you bring to the table, so to speak. A monetary investment is neither requested nor required.

This may appeal to inspectors who have been in business for a few years but who want to go in a new direction - for any number of reasons including unmet expectations; or the belief that future market conditions and stifling competition makes this a prudent business decision.

For the benefit and protection of both parties, this offer will require a rather rigorous vetting process - from both sides of the table; particularly for prospective candidates who have an existing book of business and understandably would harbor concerns.

Should you have a genuine interest in exploring this, you may send your inquires and preferably, something about yourself (or resume) to

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