Seeking Opportunity - South Florida

Hi. Newly licensed inspector. Completed InterNachi CPI & Wind Mitigation Certification. I completed a few Wind Mitigation and 4-point inspections. Reaching out to anyone who is looking to hire a part-time inspector. I’m located in Broward County and can cover the Tri-County area.


You may consider attending the Home Inspectors of South Florida monthly meetings. They normally meet in Broward County at Tropical Acres Steakhouse on Griffin Rd or Pro-Lab House of Horrors in Westin.

Ok. I will check them out. Thanks Dave.

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Hello I’m Francois Otis Owner of NPI Franchise, in Broward county, i am looking for 1 inspector, can you contact me at


Hi Francois,

I just sent you an email.

(305) 785-8517

Good luck Vincent! I’m in a similar situation, as I’ve just passed my exam and getting insurance! Will definitely be posting on this forum soon! Cheers!

Hey Richard. Thanks. Good luck to you as well!