Seeking permission to post e-mail exchange

I, Joseph Farsetta, Chair of InterNACHI ESOP Committee, do hereby formally seek permission from one P. Nathan Thornberry, a member and vendor of stated organization, to post the e-mail exchange between us from February of 2013, and in direct relation to allegations of COE violations brought by individuals against Mr. Thornberry.

Mr. Thornberry has eluded to, or requested, the release of said e-mail on several occasions, and there was a reluctance on my part to grant this request, as the email exchange contained threats by Mr. Thornberry against myself in the event that I chose to discuss or divulge the content of what Mr. Thornberry revealed within those very e-mails.

This is the 3rd such request, all previously resulting in cryptic responses from Mr. Thornberry or a refusal to hold me harmless from the threat of lawsuit and granting a blanket waiver of his gag order.

Mr. Thornberry has visited other threads on this message board since my previous requests, and has continued to ignore said requests. The assumption may be that Mr. Thornberry is unwilling to allow the e-mails to see the light of day, nor face the possibility of public scrutiny, especially where the content contradicts his versions of what transpired throughout.

I eagerly await his response to my request.

Should permission be granted, e-mails will be posted via dedicated thread in the general access sections of the InterNACHI message board.

Seems like a reasonable request to me Joe.

No ! Because it sets up a precedence for the rest of us.


If both partys are willing, what are you talking about? :roll:

You are very thick headed .
If that is allowed with him , It will be no holds barred .
The condition of being considered more important than someone or something else; priority in rank.
The order to be observed by people of different rank, according to an acknowledged or legally determined system.

That precedence was set a long time ago, when another inspector posted personal emails here on this board with out permision.

Give it a rest Joe.


Your buddy has asked for this. Yet, when he is also asked for a waiver, he hides.

Give what a rest, exactly?

He wants the “truth” exposed, one in which you support this FANTASY that he was never given the opportunity to defend himself and was not made aware of the complaints. As you were a witness to the email exchange, you are complicit in perpetuating this LIE.

Not only was Nathan informed of the first three ethics complaints, but he was given the opportunity to answer them.

This was the foundation for the lie by which you decided to ignore the recommended sanctions against him because he was not given the opportunity to defend himself. To the contrary, when I ended the exchange, I informed Nathan of every member of ESOP and of the co-chairmen.

All total b u l l s h I t.

The e-mail exchange proves that the completion-backward principle is alive and well. Rumor becomes fact, and fact becomes truth. Except for one tiny detail… I kept all the e-mails.

Why don’t YOU give it a rest. All the spinning has mussed your hair.

Give him a call and stroke him a little.
It appears he needs some pettin’.
A personal phone call will do him good…Yep !
He needs to vent.

Nick’s been stroking the wrong individual for the past 7 months ( had another word in there, but I took it out).

I love you Joe ! We all do .
As you told me keep your cool !
This is only a MB.
Huh ?
You need to go fishing with me .
I have a small boat where I can push us up on some good flats fishing down around the Sky Way south of Tampa.
You and I need a fishing break.

Thornberry … the dishonest and unethical lead broker who was found guilty of multiple ethical code violations by a committee of distinguished home inspectors … after several complaints were filed from members from across the United States … has repeatedly called for the publication of communications dealing with charges that he insists he never knew about.

In response to his repeated demands, the Chairman of the ESOP Committee is asking him to waive his threats of frivolous lawsuits against him (issued privately) so that he can honor his request to have communications regarding those charges made public.

You see … while publicly demanding their release, he was privately threatening civil action if they were released. In the meantime, he published a series of attacks against various members for referring to the multiple complaints that he continued to claim to have had no information about.

Now, so that all of the members can read exactly what transpired between himself and the ESOP Committee Chairman concerning the charges that he has repeatedly claimed to know nothing about … he needs to waive his private threats or admit that he has been lying about this, too.

Thornberry asked for it himself., Now he knows his goose will be cooked so he is hiding like the little Wussy he really is.

Got Chris into that other thread to act as a diversion away from the posting of the emails that HE Himself asked to be posted. Now Nick here saying to give it a rest.

What a crock of corrupt BS.



How about you give it a rest, then grow some nuts and do the right thing?. You are tarnishing the reputation credibility and ethics of all NACHI members. It is disgusting what you are doing.


All the correct players showed up in this thread. You ever notice you guys just pat each other on the back and then Bushart swoops in with a three paragrapher and a link to a page with 10 trustworthy inspectors?

Impressive Brad, looks like you’ve it it all figured out. =D>

Yes you are correct, I did notice that

Tthe same as all your players do.

Is there any point to that observation?

And Exactly why did you show up to the party with absolutely nothing constructive to add?


Actually… I forgot to add the link: which is now up to 13 different inspectors in 12 states. Thanks.

We continue to urge inspectors to carefully consider before agreeing to participate with the Client Fidelity Pledge to ensure that your business model is in full compliance in order to avoid any adverse actions taken by members of the public aware of any violations to the promise. This is not for everybody and we want to be sure that inspectors are aware of this.

But that is for a different thread.

This thread is about the insincere demands that have been made by the lead broker who now appears to wish to conceal the emails that he pretended to demand to be published, thinking that no one would.

I thought Nathan asked for the email to be published? In fact I just checked and he sure did.

So what is the hold up? I am sure that Nathan would not have lied about this? He claims to be a stand up sort of a guy, so where are the emails Nathan?

This is your chance to prove many things to the world.

Hello Nathannnnnnnnnn ???