Selling 2 Sun Nuclear 1028

I have two Sun Nuclear 1028’s for sale. Both are functional with no issues and come with power and data cords.

Last calibration dates are 2/5/20 and 5/6/20 and certs will be provided.

Asking $600 each.

Do you still have them available

Would you take 500 for both

Do you still have these units?

Hi Edward,

I sold the two as described however I have one more unit that is freshly calibrated. I would want $700 for that one.


Brandon Bair
Bair Inspections

Hi, I can get a new one for around 900. I will give you 500 for it. if you have the case as well.

I would do $600…no case.


I can do 500 with no case


Brandon do you still have the unit for sale?

Yes sir



Will you take 500 for the unit?


No sorry


Hi Edward,

I have one Sun Nuclear 1028 unit left if you are still interested. I previously thought it was sold but the guy backed out. Calibration is good until August. No case is provided. I will sell it for $500 if you are interested.

1 am interested.


Ok, how would you like to take care of payment? Venmo would be my preferred method but would also accept a cashier’s check or money order. I can ship it out as soon as I have payment.


Sorry for not responding sooner. Business is booming. I think we are going to have to use Pay Pal to complete the transaction. That way we are both protected.

Best Regards,

Edward Woods, CDT, CSI, CRT

Phone: 913-717-0990



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I don’t have paypal but can use my wife’s if you are ok with that.