Septic Tanks

I have an inspection coming up tommorrow on a 6200 Sq. Ft. house on a 5 acre parcel. It has a septic tank. I have never inspected a septic tank before and I am wondering the best way to handle these.

Hire a licensed professional to do the Septic inspection for you.

I sub out all my septic inspections.

Personally, I think you’re crazy if you’re going to attempt a septic inspection by yourself, with no experience.

Do you know how to locate a D-box?

I’m with David on that point.

I’ve installed many septic systems in the past and although many don’t have a distribution box they do need someone who knows what they’re doing to inspect them.

Here are a couple of site that may help you decide to hire a septic pumping/inspection company.

Disclaim the Septic System and recommend further review by a qualified Septage Management professional.

I sub contract all of my Septic Inspections to a PSMA Certified Inspection Company.

I agree, and their ability to wake up in the morning and hop into the hopper is way beyond anything I could or would do for any reward.

These people are priceless…:smiley:

Look for depressions in the ground caused by leaks or broken tanks.

Look for water percolating out of the ground.

Everything else is “out-of-view” and outside the scope of a visual home inspection.

I believe that Canada has a division of Septic tanks stationed in Germany . . . .
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