Service box ground

Here is a picture of a neutral service entrance and earth grounding conductor bond at the service box/panel. What are the two big screws for on the neutral bus connector? Is there a bonding screw in this picture? The grounding equipment conductors are all attached to the back of the service panel.




I am not at all familiar with those panels, but it does seem the bond screw is missing. Maybe it goes in that empty hole right above the larger copper wire terminatedon the neutral bar?

The two large screws are holding the long neutral bar in place and attaching it to the neutral conductor just below them. The bonding screw should be just under the bar in the empty hole. If this is a sub panel, the screw should not be there. If it is a main breaker panel than somebody forgot to install the bonding screw (main bonding jumper)

That’s because they manufacture FPE in the USA anymore. . . :wink:

Thanks for the information. This is a main service box/panel combo. With no bonding screw. Essentially, the grounding equipment conductors are an open circuit. Is the bonding screw typically located under the neutral bus connector bar?

Yeah, I knew it was FPE (Canada). I just never saw one with the ground screws right in the back of the box like that. Interesting setup.

usually a screw thru the bar to the can or a strap from the bar to the can. If main panel it must be there.