Service conductor wrapped in electrical tape

Today’s inspection had the service drop wrapped in electrical tape. Is this allowable? I thought it needed to be a weather-resistant membrane. The GEC at the meter also looks suspicious to me, but I’m not an electrician. The whole setup looks as though it will allow an entry point for water into the meter. Any applicable input would be appreciated!

The SE cable is shot. The fact that there is no outer jacket on the cable at the connector means that water is likely leaking into the meter enclosure and beyond.


Thanks for the feedback, Robert. Does the clamp at the top of the meter which leads to the ground rod look legit? I don’t recall seeing that type of setup before.

I can almost guarantee that that clamp is not listed for connection to the bare conductor on SE cable.

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It would have been easier to replace that SE cable then wrap it with electrical tape


The utility company isn’t responsible up to the meter?

For overhead typically no. Their responsibility ends at the service point which is where the service drop from the pole connects to the service conductors.