Service Entrance Extension – Is It Kosher?

I’ve never seen a Service Entrance like this. I think the extension was added with the upgrade to the meter base and panel. I’m working on the premise that if it doesn’t fell right, it probably isn’t. For some reason, this does not feel right. Other than the weak drip loop, is this kosher?




Looks like a local power company install to me. They can, a do get away with what they want.
I’ll take a couple sheets of that insulbrick siding though.

AS larry has stated…if POCO installed it they pretty much have the say on this…but really depends on the area as in some cases the FIRST point of attachment to the building is where POCO stops and in this case the FIRST connection point may be their stop point and the electrical contractor took over the rest of the way…IF that were the case on issue may has to do with the bending of that SE cable…Section 338.24 states the radius of the inner bend on SE can’t exceed 5x’s the radius of the cable…now thats a sharp 90…:slight_smile: and possibly a “beggers wish” versus something you should report…

I will look more later…got to get to the job site…

Also I can’ t tell from the image…but again if POCO ran it…not alot that can be done…if the electrical contractor did it…

I agree with Paul on the bends, but I would call out the fact that it is rubbing on the corner of the house (already has some damage) and is a fire hazard. Refer it back to poco or electrical contractor for eval.

What is that siding? An asphault shingle of some sort?

Jeff took the words out of my mouth. What the hell kind of siding is that? Looks like shelf paper…the sticky kind.