Service Magic are theives

Service Magic is going around and registering my business in online directories. So when people search for my company, they go to their site instead of mine. Service Magic has reached a new low.

Really wow. That’s not cool at all. I agree

Are you not a member of SM?

They tried to sucker me in for almost a year when I was laid off a year and one half ago.
When they asked for my credit card # to put on their files so they can charge when I pick up a lead, I basically told them to take a hike.
Hope you can get out of that one OK.


I have not used their service in quite awhile. Even if I was still using their service I would not allow them to use my name in online directories. They have no rights to my name. My name is registered with the state of Missouri.
If anybody belongs or use to belong to Service Magic, I would be checking out all the online directories and make sure they have the correct phone number and website.
I wondered why customers were saying that my online advertising was directing them to Service Magic. I would not have dreamed they were stealing my name. I wonder how much business they have stoled from me and how long they have been stealing like this?

I noticed the same 4mths after I stopped using them. They use our business name to place an ad with their phone number…SM told me they were doing all they could to advertise for me. I said NO you are now competing with me…

It took months to get Yahoo, Bing, Yellow Pages and more to finally change the information or delete the ad because SM started the ad and they owned it.

I feel for ya and anybody else that got sucked in…

They even change my Yahoo local business listing page. Somebody from Service Magic is suppose to call me tomorrow. He will definitely get an ear full.

Give em he ll. Twice.

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I could never trust them for some reason…

I tried them for a short time, and found similar issue, their web site was up after i asked it be removed. They also post heir middle man phone number which could hurt you if folks call the wrong number they wont look for the right one, just move on. The web site they put up is now gone, but i competed with myself for about 2 months.

EDIT, as far as boycott, i dont use them, will not again. But some guys swear by them, good luck with it.

I quit using them after they kept charging me for fake leads. I kept getting calls from a company that wanted me to do like $18 dollar inspections for them. I got charged something like $13 everytime these yahoo called me and SM refused to cover the cost.

So Service Magic called me and tried to justify them going in and claiming they are me on online directories. I told them about them changing the information in my Yahoo Local Business and he did not have much to stay about that. I did not really get an apology, just he kept on repeating that they was trying to bring me more business and I really did not understand. I told him in a roundabout way that there is difference between bringing me new business and stealing business from me. After talking to this guy at Service Magic, there is no doubt that their intentions were to steal from me and then sell me what they stoled back to me. Kinda reminds how the downtown streets of Chicago operates.
I also told him about them sending leads to five inspectors instead of three. He did not have nothing to say about that either. Sad but true.

I talked to the Service Magic guy about you too. He said that it was the way the system works. I told him that they needed to provide leads that are valid and could possibly make the inspector money. There was still no apology, just he said we did not understand how Service Magic works. It was like talking to Ben about Mountain Warranty.](*,)

CitySearch, an online directory, just told me Service Magic is doing that (changing listings in their directories) to about everybody. They are hearing a lot of complaints about them.

All it would take is one law suit for stealing a registered company name, and business.
They would change their business model very quickly. Believe me they would then begin to ''Understand"

Another guy from Service Magic called me and promised it will not happen to me again. And they would get everything straighten out. He did not say if they would stop their practices, so everybody be aware.