Service swith turns off thermostat

when i turned off a service switch on a furnace, the thermostat lost power.

other than the inconvenience of having to have the client turn on the t-stat during testing, is this a considerable issue?

Sounds like the back up battery is dead .No big deal, new battery
Roy Cooke

Perfectly normal. Most thermostats are wired directly to the power source that supplies the furnace. The transformer is usually mounted right to the electrical box/junction that is supplied by the furnace manufacturer.

It wouldn’t matter if the thermostat had power individually or not…if the service switch was turned off it would not start-up anyways.

If you set the thermostat high before you shut off the service switch it should start up automatically when you flip the switch back on, to try and bring the temp to the desired level you set it to.

got it.

thanks again Roy.

and Darrell

and what Roy said…sometimes they will need to re-program them as well if the battery was dead and the power was cut to it too.

Did An inspection Wednesday it was booked for Friday but they backed it up Lock box 3 degrees inside . ( thats 36 ) for our Southern friends
No heat Char said Thermostat in not working went and open it up Three dead aa batteries.
Went and got new batteries from my van .
Agent came one hour later and said Wow! its cold in here.
I told her how good it was that the inspection was moved up as I expected there could have been broken pipes by Friday.
She said am I ever glad we got you I do not think some other inspectors could have known what to do.

I have been a hero more then once ,Carry spare batteries, scott towel, soap fuses, toilet paper, and bottles of water +++ lamps and more 3 digital cameras and two disaposible for the clients.

Roy Cooke