Sewer Scope

Anybody know about Sewer Scope Cameras and How much they cost, Its a Service used in my area A lot. Ive seen them all the way up to 20000 but All the way to about a grand any body offering this service right now that can help

Hi Christopher, check out this link. These guys are great when it comes to customer service too.

This link is to a reasonably priced camera that’s made in the US, stay away from anything made in China.

up here we have many 100+ year old homes I will not risk trying to open the cap to inspect sewer lines, it breaks, then I need a plumber.

Thanks guys

Peter What kind of camera do you use for thermal

Be sure to look into the cost of insurance for if/when you miss a break in the lateral!

Very cool. I’m looking into that.

Looks like a good camera. We currently use a contractor to camera lines, but this looks like reasonable cost. Have others had good results doing their own camera Inspectons?