Sewing, Embroidery & Garment Software..

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Sewing, Embroidery & Garment Software…

Professional Embroidery Software

Accurate Embroidery Software Ver 4.0
Aps Ethos Ver 3.5 (Virtuoso)
Aps Ethos Ver 6.0 (All Modular)
ApS Ethos Ver 7.0 (All Modular) "NEW"
Barudan Punchant Ver 6.0 Z (Pro) + User Manual
Barudan Punchant Ver 7.0 F (Pro)
Barudan TES Ver 2.0 April 2004 Release (Creator Professional)
Barudan TES Ver 3.01 (Professional Elite) "NEW"
Bits & Volts Ver 7.11 (DC II+DL)
Compucon EOS Ver 2.0 + April 2004 Release (Creator Professional)
Compucon EOS Ver 3.01 (Professional Elite) "NEW"
DataStitch Stitch 2000 Pro "2004 Release" (Data - Master Plus)
GIS Basepac `21 Ver 4.05 ( All Modular ENABLE )
GIS Basepac `21 Ver 5.01 (All Modular ENABLE)
Gunold WINgs Ver 3.0 ( Commander III )
Gunold WINgs 2000 Ver. 4.0 (Commander III)
Melco EDS IV Extreme Ver. 2.0 ( Summit ) All Options Enable & 80 Fonts
Melco EDS Ver 4.01 (Design Shop Pro+) All Option Enable & 134 Fonts
Melco DesignShop 2004 Ver 5.07 (Pro+)
Melco DesignShop 2005 (With AMAYA) Ver 6.08 (Pro+) "NEW"
Pantograms Designer "Pro Line" Ver 7.6.13 (Level 4) "NEW"
Proel Millennium III Ver 1.44 (Punch Advanced Full Option)
Pulse Signature 2000 Ver 9.1 Rev Q (Maestro) All Option Enable & 123 Fonts
Pulse Signature Ver 10.3 2444 (Maestro)
Pulse Signature Ver 10.3 2467 (Maestro) "NEW" Full CD
Punto Ver. 5.05 ( Designer )
Punto XP-X Ver 6.02 (Designer)
Rainbow Embroidery Software Ver 5.98F
Sierra Embroidery Office Suite Ver 6.02 + 95 Fonts (Complete Suite)
Sierra Embroidery Office Suite Ver 6.75 + 95 Fonts (Design III)
Sierra Embroidery Office Suite Ver 7.0 + 95 Fonts (Design III)
Sierra Embroidery Office Suite Ver 7.50 + 95 Fonts (Design III) "NEW"
Tajima DG/ML Ver 6.0 T (Level 5)
Tajima DG/ML Ver 7.0 F (Level 5)
Tajima DG/ML by Pulse Rev Q (Maestro)
Tajima DG/ML by Pulse Edition "X" Ver 10.3 2444 (Maestro)
Tajima DG/ML by Pulse Edition "X" Ver 10.3 2467 (Maestro)
Tajima DG/ML by Pulse Edition "Xi" Ver 11.0 2633 (Maestro) "NEW"
Wilcom Sirius ES-65 Ver 6.1 D
Wilcom Sirius ES-65 Ver 7.1 F
Wilcom Sirius ES-65 Ver 8.0 N
Wilcom Sirius Ver 9.0R Multi Languages (ES-65) "NEW"
WINgs eXPerience Ver 1.50 (Professional)
ZSK EPCwin Ver 1.10
ZSK EPCWin Ver 2.50 (All Modular)

Sewing & Home Embroidery Software

AmazingDesigns Click N Stitch Xtra Ver
AmazingDesigns Embroidery Links Ver
AmazingDesigns Fast Fills Ver
AmazingDesigns Lettering Pro Ver
AmazingDesigns Magnificent Monograms Ver
AmazingDesigns Size Express Ver
AmazingDesigns Smart Sizer Platinum Ver
Autodigitizing Ver 4.0
Babylock Palette Ver 5.6
Bernina Artista Ver 3.0 (Designer Plus)
Bernina Artista Ver 4.0 (Designer Plus)
Brother BE-100 Ver. 2.14
Brother PE-DESIGN Ver 5.6
Brother PE-DESIGN Ver 6.0
Buzz Tools Pack ( Buzz Tools Plus, Buzz Edit, Buzz Xplore )
Corel DRAWings 2 PRO Ver 2.12 (PRO)
Embird Plus Ver. 8.0 (Incl:Iconizer,Sfumato 2.02,Thred 1.04,21 Alphabets,Digitizing Studio)
Generations Embroidery Software Ver 1.1 Build 362
Generations Embroidery Software Ver 1.3 Build 772
Husqvarna VIP Professional Plus Ver 6.2 (Complete System)
Husqvarna 3D Embroidery Ver 7.05 (Professional)
Husqvarna 3D Embroidery Ver 7.20 (Professional) "NEW"
Janome Digitizing 10000 Ver 1.0 + SP1
Origins Embroidery Software Build 9666 "NEW"
PFAFF Creative Suite Ver 6.2
ZSK Magic Stitch II Ver 1.2

Designs Collection CD :

Amazing Design Disk Collection (+16.000 Design)
European Embroidery Designs Collection (+10.000 Design)
Great Notion Design Collection 2003 (18.000 Design)
Great Notion Design Collection 2004 (20.000+ Designs)
Great Notion Design Collection 2005 (22.000+ Designs)
Husqvarna Embroidery Design Collection (+32.000 Design)
Dakota Collectibles 2003 + Catalog CD (20.000 Design)
Dakota Collectibles 2004 + Catalog CD (24.000+ Designs)
Dakota Collectibles 2005 + Catalog CD (26.000+ Designs)
Digitape Designs 2000 (7.000+ Designs)
OESD Design Collection 2004 (22.000+ Designs)
Panto Stock 2000 Deluxe (4.000+ HQ Designs)
Compucon Anthology 2 (4.700+ HQ Designs DST & XXX)
Singer Embroidery Stock Designs (5.000+ Design)

Garment Software

FastFilms Ver 3.5
Gerber AccuMark Ver 7.62 + Accumark Explorer Ver 1.04
Gerber AccuMark Ver 8.02 (Advanced Edition)
Gerber AccuMark Ver 8.08 (Advanced Edition) "NEW"
Gerber AccuMark Ver 8.02 (Professional Edition)
Gerber AccuMark Ver 8.08 (Professional Edition) "NEW"
Gerber IMPACT Ver 8.0 "NEW"
Gerber Made To Measure Ver 8.07 "NEW"
Gerber Pattern Design 2000 / Silhouette Ver 2.05
Gerber Pattern Design 2000 / Silhouette Ver 8.02
Gerber Pattern Design 2000 / Silhouette Ver 8.08 "NEW"
Gerber Planner Ver 8.05 "NEW"
Lectra Catalog v2.1C1
Lectra Catalog Viewer And Draper v2.1C1
Lectra Color Target Measurer v1R1C2
Lectra Colorist V7R1C10
Lectra Diamino Ver 4.2c2
Lectra Diamino V5R1
Lectra Diamino V5R2 "NEW"
Lectra Focus Pilot V2R2C1
Lectra Forrmaris Furniture V5R1
Lectra GraphicSpec Furniture V2R5
Lectra Kaledo Color Management V1R1c3
Lectra Kaledo Style V1R1c9
Lectra LeatherNest V3R1
Lectra Marker Creation V5R2
Lectra Modaris Ver 4.2c2
Lectra Modaris V5R1 "NEW"
Lectra OffLoad V3R1
Lectra OptiPlan v3r1c1
Lectra Prospinvarsalis V2R2C1
Lectra Prima Vision TCX Ver 5.1
Lectra ProStyle Ver 5.3c1
Lectra U4IA V7R1C9
Lectra Vector Pilot V2R2C1
Nester Ver 5.56
OptiTex Ver 9.1.93 (With All Modular)
OptiTex Ver 9.3 (With All Modular)
OptiTex Ver 9.5 (With All Modular) "NEW"
PAD Systems Ver 3.7
PAD Systems Ver 4.1
PAD Systems Ver 4.5
Richpeace Garment CAD System Ver 4.92 "NEW"
Tukatech Tukacad System Ver 8.62 (With All Modular) "NEW"
Wilcom-Tecos Mira Ver 4.2 (Mira Designer 2000)

Carpet, Weaver, Dobby Jaquard & Tuff Software

AutoTex 2000 Ver 5.4
Nedgraphics Vision Carpet Ver 1.2
Nedgraphics Vision Dobby Ver 4.6
Nedgraphics Vision Dobby Ver 6.1
Nedgraphics Vision Easy Map Ver 4.6
Nedgraphics Vision Printing Studio Ver 5.1.04
Nedgraphics Vision Texcelle Ver 3.1
Nedgraphics Vision Tuft Ver 1.1
Nedgraphics Vision Weaver Ver 6.9
Nedgraphics Weaver Ver

Shoe Making Software

USM2 & USM3 3D Shoe Design Ver 1.04

Sign Making & Engraving Software

AriesGraphics Sign Wizard Ver 5.1 Pro
CADlink EngraveLab Ver 6.1 Rev 16 (Laser Pro)
CADlink EngraveLab Ver 7.5 Rev 2 (Laser Pro) "NEW"
CADlink SignLab Ver e6.1 Rev 16 (Color Master)
CADlink SignLab Ver 7.1 Build 2 (Print & Cut Server) "NEW"
CADlink Vision Pro Ver 6.1 Rev 12
CADlink Vision Pro Ver 7.5 Build 1
CASmate Ver 6.52 (PRO)
ColorGate Production Server Ver 4.05
DelCam ArtCAM Insignia Ver 3.1
DelCam ArtCAM JewelSmith Ver 7.1
Delcam ArtCAM Pro Ver 6.0
Delcam ArtCAM Pro Ver 7.0
Delcam ArtCAM Pro Ver 8.0
DelCam ArtCam Pro Ver 8.1
EFI Best ColorProof Ver 5.02
Ergosoft Poster Print Ver 10.07
Eurosystems EurocutDesign Ver 6.0.46
Eurosystems EurocutDesign Ver
Eurosystems EuroCutPro Ver 6.0.46
Eurosystems Pjannto RIP Ver 1.3.8
FastRIP Ver 8.0 (PRO)
Gerber Omega CP Ver 2.02
GraphiTech CimaGraphi Ver 7.28
Harlequin RIP Ver 6.4
ImageWare UniLet Pro Ver 6.0.1
Mimaki Finecut 3.3 For CorelDraw
Neon Wizard Pro Ver 5.1
Onyx Poster Shop Ver 6.0
PerfectProof ProofMaster Dalmatian Ver 2.06
ScanvecAmiable EnRoute Ver 3.1
ScanvecAmiable EnRoute Ver 3.2
ScanvecAmiable FlexiSign Ver 7.5v3 (Pro)
ScanvecAmiable FlexiSign Ver 7.6v1 (Pro) "NEW"
ScanvecAmiable PhotoPrint Ver 4.5v4 (Server Pro)
ScanvecAmiable PhotoPrint Ver 4.6v1 (Server Pro) "NEW"
Type3 TypeEdit 2003+ Ver 5.3
Vinyl Master Pro Ver 2.5
Wasatch PosterMaker Ver 3.4
Wasatch SoftRIP Ver 5.1

Note : All software list above is the latest Version of my software.
If you need previous version or some software not have in my list, please email me.

Please Email Me For More Info.