Shingle Buckling

My 2-year-old home has buckling occurring on the roof. It is extremely noticeable in the afternoon. Buckling occurs at nearly every seam of OSB. Is this normal? The shingles are raised at the seams. I’m being told that this is normal and “not improper” in any way.

My guess is that it is the roofing company that is telling you it is normal. During installation of the roof sheathing there is supposed to be a gap between sheets to allow for wood expansion. If this is not done then buckling will occur. Also, poor attic ventilation allowing increased moisture in attic space can contibute.

You got it. It is the roofing company that is telling me it is normal. Now that the buckling has occurred and if ventilation is truly the issue, is ventilation modification a suitable solution for removing the buckles? Can they “go away” at this point or is the damage done?

I’ve got two inspections scheduled to get a better understanding of what is happening. As a consumer, I’m just trying to understand roofing processes a bit better. Thank you for your consideration.

If you were to go into the attic (even from the hatch) and take a look at the sheathing. There should be about 1/8" gap in the sheathing at the joints. You should also see metal clips installed in between the trusses in newer construction. Ventilation can help in some cases but because we are not there see it you would be better off to contact a third party contractor that has no stake in the outcome. in other words not someone that will make money from the inspection. A home inspector will likely not give you a solution to the issue.

Good advice from Greg, but do not rule out a Home Inspector associated with InterNACHI that is also a contractor. He/she would likely have the knowledge to determine the problem and cause, and would also be held to Association Ethics Standards that would prevent him from maknig any repairs on the home for 12 months, thus no conflict of interest.

This MB has an Inspector Search tool at the top left, or also on the Main website page. If you post your location, perhaps someone could make a recommendation for you.

Good luck.

Very well said Jeff. I do agree with you. As a contractor I would likely be able to do this if I was in his area. I give advise on repairs but some do not. Just make sure to interview your inspector on background and expertise. InterNACHI has some great inspectors.