Short TPR Extension Pipe

I call out TPR extension pipes that are more than 6" above the floor for water heaters.

My client listing her home just had this water heater installed and the extension pipe was about 12" above the floor so I called it out. She called me back to tell me that her plumber said the code is between 6 to 18 inches above the floor.

Is there any situations where that is correct? This is the first I’ve heard of that.

Maybe you’ll need to check with your local jurisdiction. Some jurisdictions write their own rules. I’ve always seen the 6" restriction as you mentioned.

Simple, tell the plumber to supply the code.

I’m willing to bet he can’t.

Oh, good one.:slight_smile: Everything I find says 6". This is from Bradford White.
American also lol
perhaps he should follow the manufactures guild line instead using the left over pipe in the truck image is blurry but it states IRC 6"
and UPC 6"-24" so I guess it’s down the the AHJ in your area.

ONLY if located in a garage, due to the 18" pedestal requirement.

Thanks guys