Shower advice please


I am about to have a new bath with a shower over the top installed. We don’t have a shower cubicle or space for one.

We are going for a slide rail/handset-style shower only for various reasons.

The thermostatic valve I will be fitting is a HIX Thermostatic Concealed 2 Outlet Shower Valve Vertical which is designed for systems starting at 0.2 bar. Hopefully, this is a good choice.

This is my current cold water reading off the bath tap hand shower nozzle for pressure: (I got very similar readings from the garden hose tap)

Static: 1.7 bar
Dynamic: 1.0 bar (Measured with the sink tap running - hopefully, I did this right)
Flow rate: 10-12 litres/ min (10 or a touch more at showering temp, 12 at cold).

All fed from a Valiant Ecotec24 Combi - this is a ground floor maisonette.

The one thing I can’t decide on is a showerhead. Obviously, the pressure is ‘OK’ but not amazing by any stretch.
I was looking at Kohler shower range, but I am a bit worried they all recommend min. 1 bar they might give a bit of a rubbish shower. Someone in a bathroom shop suggested the Grohe which is supposed to give excellent flow at 0.2 bar, but it is only a 100mm head and given we don’t have a rainfall shower, I am worried it might be a bit rubbish as a daily shower?

I’ve heard/ read that Aqualisa shower heads with wide bore hoses are meant to give the best flows of anything out there?

Any advice is most welcome!

Sorry, Roman, that is not part of what we do.

I’d stick with the manufacturer or a qualified plumber.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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About 24psi. Anything you put in is going to perform poorly.

First thing you do with any new showerhead is remove the restrictor.


Jeez, Bob, this thread is public…they’ll be coming for ya. :nerd_face: