Sidewalk guard rails ?

I inspected a home today that has a sidewalk atop a 4’ retaining wall. Is there a code that would require guards/railings? Any help would be appreciated.





Around here it is for anything 30" or higher.

I just recommend a guard or railing for enhanced safety eliminating the need for code verifications.

IRC 312.1 UBC 509.1

Hey guys, appreciate the input. I interpret 312.1 as referring to floors, porches and balconies attached to a home not exterior sidewalks. Am looking for coding that would be more specific for yards, retaining walls, walkways, etc… I wrote this up as a Safety Fall/Hazard but I would like to know if there is a specific code requirement for this type scenario. My client is concerned that his insurance agent may require railings.

I interpret it for any walk off greater than 30" above floor or grade.

But I really interpret it as not being safe and would not mention the code in my report, just write it up as safety concern.

Ditto. And well said.

I have the same interpretation. If it is made to walk on, that makes it a walkway, so if someone on that walkway can fall 30" or more, it needs guardrails.

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As other have said, inspectors are recommended to use common sense over safety issues, however as Steve asked for a code in support of this, here ya go: