Siemens panel

Did Siemens buy G.E? This is the second time I have inspected a main panel that was manufactured by Siemens but had all g.E breakers.

Not that I know of. They did buy or still in the process of buying Rolls Royce Energy

I’ve never seen a Siemens panel legend say that GE breakers were acceptable. GE breakers will sorta-kinda fit many load centers, but that doesn’t make them “legit” for those panels.
“My” rule is: unless those are “Classified” breakers (and it would say so right on the breaker", OR they are listed as acceptable in the panel’s legend, call it out.


I am not aware of such a “purchase” since anything of the sort would require a full investigations of it’s affect on industry. However, It is always possible for a panel enclosure and panelboard manufacturer to arrive on the market at one time and then the company be absorbed over time by another company, to which the new company continues to produce products for use in the previously existing companies existing stock and it would be acceptable.

However, it would only take a call to the manufacturers representatives to determine if this was the case…otherwise never assume and look for classified circuit breakers, which have been evaluated and have no known concerns.

So unless otherwise known…use the print legend or compatibility list of the Classified Breakers as your guide.