Six (6) References Prior to Booking Inspection!!

[FONT=Comic Sans MS]No it’s not a typo; I recently had a client ask for 6 references from me prior to doing his Home Inspection. At first I was apprehensive, I then realized that I had nothing to loose so I provided the 6 references. The inspection was booked and will be conducted this Sat. am.[/FONT]

[FONT=Comic Sans MS]I have been asked for as many as 3 references in the past but never 6.[/FONT]

[FONT=Comic Sans MS]**[FONT=Verdana][FONT=Comic Sans MS]**Has anyone ever encountered this in the past? [/FONT][/FONT][/FONT]

Must have read Mike Holmes book “The Holmes Inspection”. He recommends 6 references from the last three years if I remember correctly.

I think you are correct Jerry!


If six people are asking for reference with regard to your service, did it ever occur to you that your reputation is now proceeding you, given the posts you have authored here on this site which the public can read?

And for the record I have been inspecting since 1991 and have never been asked for references!

Obviously people do not trust you or the message you try to imply on your website!

Thanks Mary.

Makes a good reminder to ask for testimonials from clients.

Hi Mario
Why not put a “Testimonials” page on your website. Then people don’t even have to ask.

Sounds like a good idea John, Thanks!

Sounds like a plan Robert!

I had a client ask for references even though I had testimonials on my web page, he said he wanted to actually talk to the clients.

I include phone numbers, with permission, on my Testimonials page.

Tel.#'s?..That would be a hard sell John. People cherish their privacy, I know I do.
I’m doing this home inspection in the morning for $550.00 but trust me when I tell you I feel that I have allready earned my money just by calling past clients and getting their permission for this “potential” client to contact them.


Last spring had an email from outside my usual work area asking for 10 references!!! It was from a young couple moving from BC to teach at Acadia University. I eventually gave them 3 (and no more!) and got the job.

Pretty nice 2 year old house until I got into the electrical panel and lower house wiring…The young home owner/vendor did his own basement build…not a bad job on the carpentry and interior finishes but he was no electrician…improper smoke dectector wiring, family room electric heat would not come until the lower level bath heat was “on”, wall receptacles not to code (#'s and spacing), three way switching for stair light improper. Panel- wrong wire hooked into GFCI breaker for jet tub, improper labelling of 2-3 other circuits, one oversized breaker

Don’t know if the couple bought it or not but haven’t heard from them again.


Yes, I have had potentials ask me for references.

I simply give them a link to my TESTIMONIAL page. They call me back to book within minutes.


It would not work with this couple!
They called other inspectors and they would not give them references, they would direct them to their testimonial page. Apparently it wasn’t good enough for this couple; they wanted to speak to “Live” past clients.
I got the inspection because I was the only inspector that was willing to give them Tel.#’s for past clients. It was a lot of work on my part but in the end it paid off.

BTW Jerry was correct, they have read Mike Holmes book (he recommends 10 references BTW) and they settled for 6.

I can recall one client who asked me at least 30 questions before they would even consider booking with me. I was almost to the point of telling them to find another inspector, but I had the patience with this individual on that particular day, which is rare for me.

If I had to spend that much time with every client, my prices would double.

Good for you David, it proves that patience does pay off!!