Slogan Design

I know that InterNachi has a GREAT Marketing department and they make some really nice logo’s but what if you want to create you own “slogan”? Every web site I found says “free” until after you have created the design and then get ready to download it then you have to pay… UGH !!!

I have found a site - link below - that is really free… Check out my slogan above my signature. Created this one in 10 minutes.

The tagline for your company “Stress-Free Home Inspection, LLC” should be:

“Relax… we’ll take care of everything”

You don’t like mine? “Stress-Free” The way it should be

Not bad Nick! What would be a good one for us?my wife and I keep coming up with cheesy ones.

Enter In Inspection Services
Where secrets are unlocked

Enter In Inspection Services
Where mysteries are unlocked

Not bad, not bad.

I’m good with the Nachi tag lines.

InterNACHI has some good ones you are free to use:

    • Inspected once, inspected right.*
    • Anyone else is just looking around.*
    • The right inspector, right away.*

And IAC2 has:

  • Bringing clean air to life.

How about…Not just a list, a difference
More than a list, a difference.
Actually, the marketing department gave me the one I think I am going to push.

Protecting your Nvestment.

Nice one