small neutral service entrance conductors

This is a 200 AMP service. The 120V hot conductors look appropriate but the neutral is smaller. Problem with this? Thanks.

PICT0014 (Small).JPG

Neutral(grounded conductor) can be one size smaller.

Size the Neutral Conductor: 220.22

310-15(B)(6) states that the neutral service and/or feeder conductor can be smaller than the ungrounded (hot) conductors, provided the requirements of 215.2, 220.22 and 230.42 are met. 250.24(B)(1) states that the neutral cannot be smaller than the required grounding electrode conductor specified in Table 250.66

Although it may work out to be that way, one size smaller is not part of the NEC. The neutral conductor is sized according to the calculated maximum unbalanced load. As Michael said it can’t be smaller than the size permitted for the GEC.

Would you write up FI?

Mark do you see an issue with this installation?

It’s fairly common but I should have said just smaller.