Snow filled window well

This is no longer an emergency egress or escape window.

I always recommend window well covers to keep out animals, small kids and debris.

Me too

or maybe even to keep someone from falling into that big hole…

That window appear’s fixed…

It does doesn’t it, maybe it’s a casement?

It’s a casement window.

Window well covers are good, just have to remember to clear the snow off the top. Easy to open the window but try and lift a cover that’s covered in snow and ice. Especially for a child.

Buck, I see that all the time here also. I am surprised that counties do not require some sort of railings around these “pits”; they should. Most have drains at the bases, but should all have ladders. I always suggest domed covers on the small ones only. I always ask the buyer if they have kids. I have seen a couple with loose chain-link fencing over the egress that can be popped up over the holding pegs holding it in place.

And I always see trim over windows that needs caulking/flashings. I see the groove gaps.

My first thought is to bring this to the clients attention, as they may not be aware of the need to keep the means of escape clear and accessible.

Also, I could be mistaken, however in the photo it looks like the window could interfere with access to the ladder, which would create another escape issue… Was any information taken to determine if the window will open where it will not interfere with access to the ladder?

Just my two cents.

Chris McDonald

Anyone who has even been to why-not-Minot is not alarmed by the what-if snow scenario.

While stationed in South Dakota many moons ago, I decided to visit my brother during the spring…little did I realize that they can still get snow storms from time to time. When I arrived (freezing my butt off) I saw snow drifts that were 10 feet high, often covering whole sides of apartments and homes.

With that said, I can assure you that those windows and doors were not usable for egress either.

Doors and window wells should have a drain…but to say they need a cover is a little ridiculous in light of the fact that a 10 inch snow over a larger cover can not only bury them you have also created a condition where no natural light exist which can be problematic if electrical goes out or their is an electrical fire.

In regards to the depth of window wells, they should be no deeper than that which is required for the max height to the bottom of a window.