Snow Melt

what causes a snow melt pattern on a roof like this ???

IMG_0449 (Small).JPG

What was the view from the attic?

Missing insulation would be my WAG.

I agree with Mike

actually this was caused by the lazy homeowner who failed to put the insulted cover over the 36 " whole house fan in the upstairs hallway…these fans are great to have much of the year, but sure can be a major cause of heat loss if left uncovered in the winter…

I love reading NE roofs with snow on them.

I’ll stand outside with my client (before I even go into the house) and I’ll tell them what sort of issues I’ll find in the attic before I even enter the attic.

It’s fun.


Just don’t stand TOO CLOSE! Could be dangerous falling ice!!:wink:

Santa exhaust?

Christmas lights in January

ridge vents allow warmer air to escape, thus melting the uppermost first

the larger void area may be from a direct vent source in the attic

this is a Texans hypothesis
e.g. don’t trust it :wink:


Jim already answered his own question in post #4.

however He did pretty much nail it…not bad for a texan…

Hey they’ve been frozen there since Christmas…

We still have many residents here with their Christmas lights still “ON” in the evening.

I take mine down right after New Years.

Mine are off but they’re still buried under a foot of snow or frozen under the ice on the gutters. Guess I’ll have a good Easter project taking them down by the time it melts:mrgreen: It’s 0 degrees without the windchill right now, so I’m not in a hurry to get them down.

Even in new, well insulated houses, I regularly see may IC type can lights. Lamp to drywall or attic HVAC ducts not sealed (caulked) to drywall and the IC type can lights will allow warm, moist air to enter the attic area.

Gotta seal the openings to the drywall and seal the cans in the attic.

But, around here, even a perfectly built (no such thing) would form ice dams. Just too much cold and snow.