Solid conductor aluminum

I have seen tons of “stranded” #6 aluminum for ranges etc, but I have never seen solid conductor #6 before----in this case to the range. How would you report on this----2003 house.

Why do you feel the need to report a legal installation?

Marc, at what date between 1975 and now would you consider solid conductor aluminum wiring ok?

Depends on the alloy number. That could be any date. In this particular gauge, I’d never worry about it, no matter what alloy number or what year vintage.

I’d be very curious to see what it says on the sheath of a 2003 vintage cable with a “solid” #6AL inside.
I wouldn’t think such a thing existed.

I’m with Petey, never seen any cable with solid (anything) above #10, only bare solid 8, 6 and 4 for grounding and that was copper.

Strange stuff—here is a picture of the ground and neutral

Sierra 240.jpg

Wow! That looks like solid conductor SER cable.
Strange to say the least.

Would you be able to get back to take more pictures and get a number off of the cable these conductors are installed in?

The funny thing is I don’t see anything prohibiting #8 solid and larger in a cable. You can’t pull that in a raceway tho. The only raceway exception is the GEC

I believe you can get solid single conductor **Pyrotenax up too 500 mcm
** I did a inspected a home with I think it was #2 solid pyro service a few years ago .
I will try and find the pictures .
I put in a lot back about 1960 and we had many sizes 2/0 was very common.

Roy Cooke

Does this help?

MI cable in a house? Amazing.

The main distributor for Canada is in Trenton and I figured the home owner could have worked there many years ago .

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The house was knob and tube and had vermulite for insulation so I expect it was from the 1950 +or-
Found the pictures send me email and I will send them back.
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Roy Cooke

I don’t see anything to write up considering the facts you provided. It has anti oxidant at the connections (at least appears to). If it appeared to be a part of the original install as approved by L&I, then I would not personally have a concern.
Does the panel have an L&I “cover” and/ or “final” tag?