Some are-"Working for Peanuts" in AZ--))

Today is the second day in a row I have received a call for home inspections in which the callers told me the prices he/she has already received.

The house yesterday was a 1700 sq ft built in 1963, said he had quotes from $165.00 to $245.00—:shock:

Call today the house was 2900 sq ft built in 2004, said she had quotes from $169.00 including the termite inspection to $255.00 without the termite inspection included.

Both wanted to know if I could beat the price, and if so, can I do it tomorrow.

I told both of them no, I cannot beat those prices by stretch of the imagination.

Naturally they both said thanks, we will call around some more----:lol:

It’s a shame, but I think there are many many companies here ready to close their doors. I have never heard of quotes this low EVER!

The rest of you guys in other states getting calls like this?

It is really too bad the companies still in business are prostituting themselves too this degree, simply pathetic. I guess it’s a last ditch method before more companies shut their doors.

I wonder when the used house salesman will be dropping their bizarre commission rate?..probably never, because at least they have the entire nation basically at the same rate, so there is not a need too.

Something certainly needs to be done for the remainder of the home inspection companies too charge what their worth, we need too figure out exactly what that might be, without being accused of price fixing—:roll:

One more reason to do commercial inspections I guess, never hear madness like this!

Your friend, dan harris, denies that these conditions exist and brags on $275 for 2000 sq ft.

I agree with you that this is sad…not just for your state, Dale. We have guys needing work so bad, they are doing it for that and less…everywhere.

It really amazes me Jim, I have not been getting a lot a calls for home inspections which tells me the market has to be terrible, but to find out what these companies are charging lately really amazed me.

Today I did two commercial inspections, first one was simply a re-inspection of insulation the builder forgot to install in a building I inspected a couple of weeks ago, the second one a 2000 sq ft office warehouse type building in a strip-type building 50-50 office-warehouse, so I made $865.00 and was back in my office at 1:15…:smiley:

The insulation was installed and the commercial office-warehouse built in 2005 needed the faucet in the common restroom replaced or repaired, it was leaking at the spigot where it attached to body of the faucet.

Another simple day in the commercial inspection world, without any dishwashers…](*,)—:lol:

I am preparing to follow you into that market.

Here’s how I answer the phone, and deal with this. (95% success rate.)

“Well, I’ll be happy to tell you my prices, but if all you are doing is shopping for the lowest price, we might save ourselves some time, because I’m not the lowest. Now if you are shopping for the best value, and you’d like me to tell you about the services I offer, and how some of my competitors do their inspections, I’d be happy to.”

This always leads to them saying something on the lines that they are really looking for the best value. I spend 10-20 minutes talking to them telling them what I will do, and what to expect, and what my competitors do different.

I end by telling them what the price would be for their home. I follow that up with letting them know when my first available appointment is, and ask them if that will work for them. They either say yes, or give me an alternative date. Occasionally they will tell me they need to talk to their significant other, and call me back. Very seldom does this not work, and I suspect then it’s my competition seeing how I do things.

Indeed Mark, I bet that does work for you…but it certainly is amazing how many people are making a last ditch effort to stay in business prostituting themselves for prices which I never heard of before.

I think it may get worse before it gets better.

When I hear of six different companies quoting prices in my first post here it has to be REAL BAD out there in the used house inspection business.

There are thousands of repo’s, which naturally take much longer to do also, and these companies here are charging MUCH less than if the house was in normal condition.

Ive been getting some of those calls as well. I use a similar tact when they call and ask price. I tell them too that if they are looking for a cheap, inexperienced Home Inspector Im not the guy for them. That usually causes a long pause on their end. There are some inspectors here doing them for less than $200 as well for a house under 1700 sf. I know that because an elderly lady was polite enough to call back tell me she had found someone really cheap and would not need us to do her home inspection. Oh well. I sometimes get a call a week later from some of them wanting another home inspection after they have had the cheap one.


I have one guy in my area that charges $203 for a three bedroom home with full unfinished basement. Not just $200 mind you, but $203. Sounds like he added $3 for gas. :neutral: It is not uncommon now to find $100 condo inspections too. I fully understand that people need to feed family but they would probably be much better off starting a new career. Why would someone want to do this very hard work for a tad over cost? :shock: It costs me about $130 just to show up when I factor in **all **my business expenses.


I very seldom win out with a shopper. I inspected a house last week that had been Pre-Inspected for the Seller. the Inspection report was a simple check list with 5 comments. These guys just tear it off, leave it on the counter, pick up there money and leave.

The buyer was so thankful they didn’t us that report and that they did not go with the lowest bidder. They also did not take the Realtors choice and researched and found me on the Internet. I am thankful for that.

By the way Dale, I have been praying for you. I pray God will put all the right people in your life to help. I really appreciated your help a few weeks back.

Jerome Cartier
Cartier Fine Home Inspections (NOT THE CHEAPEST!)

someone around here is charging $150.00 up to 2000 sq, the RE agents are encouraging these prices,

I guess I am getting a good sophmore year.
My sites are bgetting less calls but referals are going like crazy.
I must admit I am pleased.
Condo 2 bedroom is 250 for the most part, but I give A+ service.
Homes are close to around 375, though do not quote me as there are many factors.
I do not charge on a final walkthrough , a nd spend alot of time creating a good report.
Only secret so far is hard work and caring about my clients.
I am willing to bet the low ballers were in it for a quick buck, and should get the buck outta here.:slight_smile:

Jerome I am glad that I’m not in a position to try and compete with the home inspectors here, like Erol said, one may as well do something else.

I think there will be a lot of them doing just that, something else.

I just talked to a fellow inspector in Canada on the phone, he said someone there is charging $199.00 for any size home inspection, if I understood him correctly about the any size, but regardless, $199.00 for any inspection will put you out of business if their full inspections to a standard of practice.


Guess everyone is just lookin around

The biggest lower baller in my area is House Master $200.00

That’s the gig Bob, you have to get the referrals, it’s the only thing which will make a successful company.

Another uncertified inspector that Realtors love in my area uses carbon forms and braggs about doing 4-5 inspections a day. You can not even read his comments. When Realtors hand me his report I ask them if they could read to me. I have not had one yet be able to.

Screw it, I just raised my prices again.

Fook it I think I will follow suit Russ. :smiley:


I touch on this in my interview with Nick.

We bring this on ourselves. The profession, for the most part, suffers from low self-esteem.

We put up with these prices because we feel we need to.

There’s nothing wrong with adjusting a price for the market conditions, or what the market will bear.

Problem is when a certain group pushes the names and cards of some who charge less.

Instead of trying to save their client $25, they should be trying to find their client the best inspector they know… not the cheapest.

Like I said, I speak about this in the NACHI TV interview.

BTW… I get these calls all the time. Had a woman book an nspection for tomorrow (Wednesday) on this past Sunday. She picked the day. Called me this morning and cancelled. She told me she had the inspection done Monday (yesterday).

She asked me my price, and booked the inspection. She then called around for a better price, booked that one, had it done, and when she was satisfied, she cancelled me.