Sorry to say;


From the desk of Len Ungar
Hi! Everyone:
I am retiring from my position as President of the Long Island Chapter of NACHI.
I am proud to have been involved in the formation and development of this chapter. I find at this time, I must resign from the presidency.
I will assist anyone who wants to take the responsibilty of running a local chapter.

I still remain an active Home Inspector in New York State. I am working, teaching and mentoring prospective Home Inspection Students in Module 5, which is the 40 hour NYS mandated inspection component of licensing.

I want to thank all the NACHI members who have been involved with the Long Island Chapter. I will remain a loyal NACHI member.

Very truly Yours,
Regards Len Ungar.:sad:

Thanks Len, sorry to see you go. :frowning:

You did a great job!!!


Thank’s MIC;
Lets see who will stepup ???:roll:


You have performed the position better than anyone I believe could.

You have also mentored hundreds of inspectors over the years. That’s why I nominated you for NACHI member of the year in 2006.

Much luck and success Len- I will be seeing you.


Thanks Len for all your hard work and dedication to the improvement of the chapter. I hope we will still see you at chapter meetings

  Good luck
    Tony Iannuzzi

Hi! Tony;
Yes I will still go to chapter meetings, But first someone has to step up to take the helm. ANYONE interested in taking the Long Island Chapter helm get intouch with me and I will help as much as possible.
Regards Len Ungar:roll:


I am very sorry to hear that you have resigned as the LI Chapter president. Anyone who takes your place will have a hard time filling your shoes. I hope we will still have the opportunity to work together. I plan to be in NY for classes in September and October. I hope to see you then.

Hi Len,

Sorry to hear the bad news. You did a terrific job and I thank you for your dedication. Without you, there wouldn’t have been a Long Island chapter. I wish you all the luck.