span ratings

Does anyone have a website to refer me to that gives span ratings on dimensional lumber? TIA

Try these:

Thanks Larry. That is exactly what I needed.

Although it’s beyond a home inspection, you can also look right in the IRC for standard construction, as long as ya know the conditions, type, and grading.

Here are a few tables on spans.

TABLES (25) (Small).JPG

TABLES (27) (Small).JPG

TABLES (26) (Small).JPG

TABLES (29) (Small).JPG

TABLES (30) (Small).JPG

Nothing to do with Home Inspections Robert. I am building a very elaborate deck and just wanted do my materials list.

Keep in mind you have to use the “wet use” or “wet service” tables/values for a deck since it’s directly exposed to moisture. I believe the SPC link above has them.

There have also be a few excellent guides for decks posted on the board (which including things like span ratings, as well as details for things like how to attach railing posts correctly … which is often done incorrectly, etc). If you do a search of the BB for “decks” they should come up.

Just a few helpful thoughts … :wink: