Special Deal for InterNACHI Members: Upcoming Deck Evaluation/Inspection Certification Classes

Upcoming Deck Evaluation/Inspection Certification Classes

Online 01/10/23 or 03/02/23

The industry’s best resource for learning how to safely evaluate a deck. Includes a 48-page manual, certification, and access to a deck inspection mobile app (currently in beta).



Join NADRA - Special InterNACHI Discount
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If you have any questions, we are happy to help!

Margie Beaudry
NADRA Administrative Director
Direct: 215.679.4884

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Beg my pardon but that’s no discount. That’s a bait and hook if I ever saw 1.

Join NADRA - Special InterNACHI Discount

Go to Become a Member - NADRA to join. Then use the special InterNACHI discount code: internachi2022

Nick, I’m pretty happy and confident with the training that I’ve received from InterNACHI.

Off the record, between you and me:
I joined for around $1.00 when you 1st announced it.
We are “Old School” you and I.
A Bait and Hook is exactly that. It’s not InterNACHI except for being the bait.

Tell me the InterNACHI Deck Inspection course(s) and all the training that your Brother Ben has spent countless hours on and has been viewed by more Home Inspectors than probably any other training module on Deck Inspections, isn’t at least Somewhere around 96% better than the Bait and Hook NADRA deal.

I’ve been around for a long time and write me up but I’ve got a message for Newer Inspectors?

Trust me on this one. All you need is to take InterNACHI’s training materials on Deck Inspections. I spend thousands of dollars on continuing education and ask 1 of your Elder’s what a Bait and Hook is. Explain this post to them. Mention my name: Mike Altizer from the state of Virginia. Now, don’t take my word for it and go with who you trust. Oh and it’s probably in your best interest to go back and review Cantilevered Decks, Attachments and Soil Conditions. We still have a lot (A LOT) of older homes and you should always go with the basics, the foundation on what everything else is built upon. Stay safe youngins and Stay alert.
When I get a chance I’m gonna take a refresher - Great Course
Mike Altizer - Deck Inspector.pdf (563.0 KB)

Your friend from Virginia,
Inspector-Mike LLC

Michael…you only got a 92 out of 100…what gives?



 Yes Sir. That was around 13 years ago in July. To be honest, I was super busy when I ran Professional Property Inspections, LLC and if my memory serves me right ... I took that final exam after a long custody battle. I'm definitely gonna go back and do a refresher. 

Hope Y’all don’t look down at me for a 92%. I know we all strive for a perfect 100.

Stay safe and take care.

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No probem there Michael, I did not get 100 either, and I am a builder. LOL

Aug 9, 2009 How to Perform Deck Inspections
95 PASSING EDU-0000-1534-74


Good morning Marcel. I just wanted to say that after 13 years you are still one of my favorites on the InterNACHI message board. I respect you. Busy so I’ve gotta go. Stay safe.

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